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Beneath are some of the comments from the visitors books at the first five cathedral locations

WINCHESTER 7th Feb - 2nd March - It was fantastic. It made us laugh and smile.

WORCESTER 4th - 16th March - A lovely moving feeling of the whole world.

GLOUCESTER 18th - 30th March - This truly brings all cultures together.

BRISTOL 1st - 13th April - It was strange and cool and good. Emma Blake, 7

WELLS 15th - 27th April - A new frontier in the world of art.

SOUTHWARK 3rd - 16th May - I don’t know what to say - it feels so special



It's refreshing that this exhibition encourages and enables us to communicate with each other - if only for a moment - but I hope that we can all take this into our daily lives. A wonderful experience, and fun to touch.

It just shows how sitting together is so imperative in human relationships.

Very moving, very touching. Shows the importance of eating around a table, community, conversation, friendship.

A fantastic immersive environment. There is a strange magic about the installation that unites the viewer/participant. I was spellbound and famished.

Wonderfully creative - strange to change gender and race all in one evening.

It makes me feel like I am an Apostle.

Absolutely wonderful. We didn't want to leave the table - there was a lovely real meal atmosphere when the table was fully occupied.

A fascinating take on human life. A reminder that we are all the same.

Made me feel happy to be me.

It's been a roaring success - a verger from Winchester.

Lovely to watch the faces of the people watching the table and their interactions. A beautiful experience.

A wonderful concept - to be experienced in many different ways by many different ages.

Echoes of a Bedouin tent in a 900 year old cathedral (another type of tent?) with the shadows of many tribes within.

I particularly enjoyed watching the people enjoy the feast: they looked like characters from a living Caravaggio.

Excellent, it felt really warm and inviting. You felt that you were not alone.

We could have dined for hours...

Simple but innovative, thoroughly brilliant. I really felt part of the meals.

A fascinating, unique and thought provoking installation.

It was absolutely brilliant. It created a really relaxed atmosphere and I found it hard to leave. Fascinating.

I've never seen such a good idea.

Extraordinary. The most imaginative and socially interactive piece of modern art I've seen.

What a wonderful experience - so innovative.


Very relaxing, an interesting insight into other cultures, everything seemed simpler and more relaxed.

I don't get it.

A moving experience.

Wonderful - enjoyed interacting and laughing with all the strangers who joined us.

It was fantastic. It made us laugh and smile.

Brilliant. I love the way it gets people to actually sit down and talk to eachother and even if you are on your own it feels warm and friendly - I sat there for ages in the end.

I met up with my son on Mothering Sunday at Winchester Cathedral and saw your interactive artwork "In other people's skins". I thought it was fascinating and hope to see it again in Bath Abbey later in the year. Leonardo Da Vinci's "The Last Supper" has been a favourite of mine since I first saw it at the back of the altar in Emmanuel Church Southport. To see this picture as a concept for your interactive artwork is brilliant.



I sat down with friends from Africa and we enjoyed thinking of how the whole world sits and eats in just the same way.

A brilliant installation! Fun, but makes you think.

A fantastic installation – unique and thought provoking.

Fascinating and brilliant.

A really innovative and attractive piece of modern art – what a good idea to display it here.

Marvellous – so entertaining and clever.

A lovely moving feeling of the whole world.

Truly unbelievable.

A different kind of experience! Makes you think of what we eat.

Quite, mesmerizing – I sat through four cycles.

This installation is fantastic - above all because I'm with the woman of my dreams. A Spanish man and an English woman.

A wonderful piece - it made me smile.

Fascinatting - riveting!

This is the best art exhibition we've ever had here, the new Bishop brought his children three times ! A Verger from Worcester.

My three year old son was transfixed!!

Really different - absolutely fascinating.

Fascinating and entertaining with a spititual and ritualistic edge, leaving an impression at this time of year.

Reminds us all of the importance of sharing.

An interesting piece of conceptual art. Great to see this type of installation in a cathedral.

Very interesting experience. Thank you.

Interesting and strange - especially when others join the party.


Very very clever - we loved it.

Wickedly Mint!

Different, makes one think, but then that is what art is about.


We did enjoy it - a marvelous piece of art.

When I sat quietly I could think of the Last Supper. The lights, giving the light of Christ, being in the middle of the disciples, a very thought provoking exhibit.

Very unusal and different.

A very well thought out art form. Very well integrated.



Very good – not seen anything like it before.

Thanks, it’s inspiring.

A common bond, we are closer than we think.

Amazing, truly breath and stomach stopping.

An inspiration

I just wish it was real.

What a great idea, it was fun and fascinating.

Very innovative and colourful. Brilliant!

So very interesting and enjoyable. Thank you.

So innovative, breathtaking and original.

Riveting, mesmerising, transformative.

C’est bon.


Absolutely marvellous, thank you.

We all enjoyed it – especially the baby – but he was confused by food he couldn’t eat.

Cool – pity this is not real.

Surreal, evocative.


Good to have a meal around the world.

Great imagination and idea.

This truly brings all cultures together.

So pleased I came to see it – it is wonderful and created interaction with everyone at the table.

This is superb and effective artistry!

Excellent idea of cultures and kinship. Very cleverly done.

Looks as beautiful as the Dinner Party. Still as spooky, eerie and thought provoking.

Fantastic. Naoko, from Japan.

Wonderful, fascinating.

L’etait un peu bidon!

Interactive, colourful and inventive.

Amazing – really makes you think.

How positively absurd.

An installation that clearly demonstrated the importance of eating on lots of different levels – food can bring people together regardless of nationality and faith. The sense of community in eating was really striking.

Fascinating idea brilliantly done.

I could almost smell the food – and the interaction I loved.

Very enjoyable and thought provoking.

I love the fact that you are hosting this and showing how religion can play its part in contemporary issues of race and tolerance.

My mum and I thought it was extraordinary.

A very interesting event.

Magical, thoughtful.

This enchanted everyone, young and old.

I never knew I was Chinese.

Very cool – not to be missed.

A real invitation to communion.

What an odd but enjoyable experience.

Lovely experience.

It was a great feeling to sit and eat the last supper with the apostles…

Fabulous experience.

Should have this all over the Philipines, plenty of hungry people there.

Very original, very mesmerising.

What a fun activity – very different.



Wonderfully accomplished

Quite Beautiful and mesmerising – I will come back

Fascinating, aesthetically and intellectually challenging

The hands on the table combined with the sound was captivating

Strangely comnforting

Excellent, thought provoking…

Really interesting and fun - shows the importance of eating together

Very beautiful - I loved a meal in silence.

Mesmerising, absorbinbg, interesting, communal, friendly, wonderful, rich ...

Abnsolutely fantastic

Brilliant and fascinating

So amazing cool and brilliant - Claire, aged 4

It repaid sitting, looking and absorbing

Really strange and overwhelming – it really has an effect on you as great art should. It made me feel peaceful and still.

Fantastic international cultural experience – one human race!

Absolutely inspirational.

The best thing I’ve seen this year! It made me hungry for food and culture.

I enjoyed showing children how to share food with loved ones.

An amazing experience shared with a very enthusiastic group of friends – Thank you.

Totally moving – it made me feel strange.

Amazing, a simply wonderful idea - inspiring

Truly unique.

It was strange and cool and good. Emma Blake, 7

Excellent – a most unusual exhibition.

Inspiring and quite beautiful

Beautiful and very thought provoking

A wonderful piece of art - unusually welcoming with a sense of peace

Really hypnotic - the various moments of touch and transfer, of hands and plates stretching across the table were affectinng and effective - lovely.


Thought provoking, strange, familiar..

Unique and quite extraordinary

Excellent idea – very encapsulating, brings the viewer close to peace.

Very unusual bringing strangers close.

This thing is fantastic!

What an interesting concept - excellent, colourful, fun

Appeals to all ages from children to grandparents



Really interesting concept. You feel like someone else, yet we are all the same.

A real gem

What a surprising work of art to come upon – fascinating.

A wonderful idea. Eating and sharing a meal is a great thing as food brings people together - it will help towards a greater understanding of different places and people.

We really enjoyed the experience and were very moved.

An amazing sight and incredible vision.

Fascinating, utterly fascinating.

Very strange.

Out of this world.

Such a good idea.

Thought provoking, totally absorbing - very skilled.

I really enjoyed this piece. The children were fascinated. It made us think about eating and drinking together.

Beautiful, unity in essence, sharing with love.

Such a surprising experience.

A beautiful experience – especially the touching of hands.

This is what I am missing out on. How sad it makes me, and how happy.

This is the first I’ve seen such a luscious display and to find it in a cathedral takes one by surprise.

A very different type of art.

It left me feeling tingly and hungry – an amazing experience.

A lovely interactive opportunity to consider other cultures and the joys of eating and communicating. Art in a church ! Often not considered and yet so powerful.


Absolutely beautiful, fascinating and original.

A new frontier in the world of art.

Nice to feel involved and be forced to think.

A fascinating spiritual experience.


Something like a phenomenon.

Reminds me of God.

Very thought provoking.

Humbling and touching.

It made me smile.

Strange experience – quite wonderful.


Well done – first class video installation – better than Bill Viola – I am inspired and astounded.

Why do you fill these wonderful archaeological spaces with a black tent with nonsense inside – you philistine.

I'm one of the Wells voluntary chaplains, working a day each month, and it was my turn a couple of days after the exhibition started, during the school holiday. It was fascinating to watch visitors as they came to the exhibit.. hesitant at first, then getting so much into it - Normally one party or family don't speak to anyone else much apart from guides, or other staff, but this artwork got them chatting like old friends, especially when I could persuade them to sit down... it was a glorious mix of people, colours, nationalities, all discussing what it was about, and pretty much, I guess, the effect you might have in mind? Well done on all involved, especially its originator. Thanks for letting so many share it - I know it will stay with me a long time. Doris

Fabulous - thought provoking, engaging and fun! Thank you.

Really brilliant!!! So unusual. It’s something I will always remember.

A good piece.



It made me smile

That was an amazing feeling

It was nice to sit there quietly in the calm and feel as though you are sharing a meal with others

I don’t know what to say - it feels so special

Very intuitive, lovely to see the different cultures and what eating together means to them

A stunning installation

Very moving, the best art installation I’ve ever seen or experienced.

Absolutely brilliant ! Very moving

The art of the unexpected

Unbelievably surprising! Unexpectedly realistic!

fantastic idea

Brilliant strangely moving

Interesting, the first part seems something sacred

I think it’s amazing, even though cultures are s different in some ways they are so similar.

a lovely sense of community and sharing. It made me bright


How excellent and wonderful in this environment

Powerfully evocative and inclusive


I went to Southwark cathedral a week or so back and really loved your piece. It was wonderfully involving, sitting at the table and following the movements of hands and plates, but also very moving. I picked up on the communality (even the sacredness) of food sharing across cultures. And it was also notable how it drew people (strangers) together who were having the experience at the same time as us. Thanks for making it.

great idea brilliantly done

very cool

What an extraordinary and wonderful idea

Amazing, really made my lunch break

very amazing and fun

the power of the image is excellent - bravo

A very beautiful realisation

Just returned from the Greenaway exhibit in Plaza Royale, Milano. This is joined up thinking.

Absolutely brilliant but didn’t think there could be so much interaction over a dinner table

Interesting and imaginative

Very interesting beautiful and fascinating

Very interesting and warming - the presence of people sharing dinner together - fab!

The group I was with really got into it

A great pleasure, thank you




lovely experience

A wonderful experience

Extraordinary work of art

Fabulous place for a fabulous idea

Intriguing, very intriguing.

Very insightful

most unusual, very interesting

very, very original

Amazing insight

Best meal ever for my mind and spirit

A very unusual way to think about the oneness of us all

A enjoyable meal, thank you for the marvelous company

It evoked an interesting discussion with someone I sat down with

I loved it, it was a terrific experience

I always find installations that emphasise our shared experiences our mutual desires and pleasures, fascinating and thought provoking - and it must be said in this case, extremely amusing and clever.

What a brilliant idea - I can’t quite walk away.

hypnotically wonderful