Noah Weinzweig and his partner Ben Graham run Redgate, a facilities house in Beijing where this interview took place on 4th July 2010. Noah has been in Beijing for 15 years and also organises film and digital shoots for both Chinese and International production companies. Ben has been a cameraman and editor there for 10 years and the two have brought high definition technologies on to the Chinese scene; they both believe in the Red philosophy and agree that without this companies initiative, they would not have been able to have started a successful facilities comopany in the Asian environment. Redgate have 5 Red One Cameras, 4 of which are enabled with the new MX sensor and have a grasp of the Chinese digital shooting scene bar none. At the moment they are contemplating also taking on Arri's new Alexa Camera. This interview really did push my little flip camera to the limit in terms of the way it responded to both light and sound. As I've said elsewhere in these interviews, this is not about the technical quality - rather it's about the subject area so forgive picture and sound in opursuit of content.