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The second exhibition of the Heritage Lottery moving image portraiture project, Portraits of the Working People of Somerset extends the research into higher resolution imaging already undertaken at the University of Bristol Department of Drama: Theatre, Film, Television, by Senior Research Fellow, Terry Flaxton.

Opening, Friday 6th July 7 - 9 pm, Glastonbury Abbey - Exhibits from 7th October to 22nd January

Previously the research focused on the effects on engagement levels with the audience, now work this shifts towards a deeper examination of engagement through resolution and its relationship to the documentary form.

Through this new emphasis, this project looks deeply into the traditional crafts and practices of Somerset working people: one of the families of the subjects in the work has been in the area practicing their craft since the early 1750's. In this series of outputs Flaxton and his collaborators are seeking to enable traditional and contemporary concerns and practices to coincide.

The project exhibits large-scale still-yet moving image portraits of the subjects – the first exhibition will portray the subjects at 14 feet high (later exhibitions will portray the subjects at 20 feet high).

But the project has other outcomes and these will be seen in different forms at different exhibitions. These will include an online resource with access to interviews, large scale moving image portraits and photographic stills, an oral history delivered via 50 inch plasma display, a photographic exhibition, a feature length cinema documentary on the subject, a photographic essay in book form, a series of information boards on the project and a permanent educational resource of the moving image portraits themselves and the oral history exhibited via 50 inch plasma display during exhibitions.

The exhibition at Bath Museum of Work will comprise of Large Scale Portrait projection, an oral history via plasma and a series of information boards on the project, plus the online resource which can be found by clicking these links:


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