David Stump is a Director of Photography and Visual Effects specialist in Los Angeles, he has accomplished many notable things, for instance, synching 8 x 4k Dalsa Origins for DP Roberto Schaefer on the Bond movie, Quantum of Solace. Scott Billups is a Director of Photography, writer and Visual Effects specialist also currently working Los Angeles. Scott is well know for many things, his book on Digital Cinematography, Digital Moviemaking and in his time has been camera assistant to the great James Wong Howe. This interview took place on April 17th 2008 and is in two parts, this is the first part and is 58 minutes in length. Click the play button to begin, click the box bottom right of frame (left of the google button) to go full screen - with thanks to google for housing this project. Though Google are displaying an odd first frame here - the interview will play.