Premiered in UK at Bristol University, Wickham Theatre

Display: 6 metre by 5 metre screen, suspended at a horitontal to the floor
I originally wanted to photograph Venice - not the architectural splendour but the decaying plaster-work in detail. This piece is a challenge to the notion of the beautiful photographic study that we all expect to see when we see images of a famous tourist landmark. The impressionists wrote of the fugitive phenomena of light: with HD we have other means of finding it. In presenting the work I shall fill the exhibition space with the sound of water. I developed the idea of displacing the expectation of the audience from the simple photographic remedy for familiarity: that of photographing the unfamiliar to the notion of the movement within a place like Venice which is characterised by water movement. To that end the camera shall be placed on its back looking up at the sky passing underneath the bridges on a gondola, seeing the sky and the tops of buildings at dusk. Local schoolchildren will be unseen except for the large silk coloured banners they run alongside with and eventually all form together on the 57th bridge. On entering the exhibition space the audience will realise that the soft floor and the projection on the ceiling ask them to lie beneath the virtual bridges to experience the one shot.
4k resolution. Equipment requirements for display, 1 x 2k projector, (1920 x 1080) 1 x Mac computer. Audio: Stereo system

First shown Scarabocchio Studio Grafico, Cannaregio, Ponte degli Ormensini, Venice, Jewish Quarter


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