This work is intended as an exploration of the essence of water whenb re-created as an image in an impossible situation - that is, boundaried by its presence only upon a tabletop. Projected onto a table, around which there are 12 chairs around which the audience is invited to sit, we see images of crashing waves from cliff tops which have been stretched and manipulated digitally. Leading into the installation space is a line of pebbles; on entering we find that the table is covered with large pebbles taken from a beach and the audience is encouraged to touch these whilst experiencing the sounds of the sea that surround them and the images that are projected on to the table. The aim is to abstract the notion of the natural into formal compositions accompanied by a digitally enhanced soundtrack.

It was shot at 25 fps and recorded at 2k resolution. Equipment requirements, 1 projector, 1 x Mac computer, Audio: Stereo system

Shot in California USA and Cornwall, UK, Exhibited at the Phoenix Project September 2008.


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