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The Making of In Other People's SkinsooVisitor CommentsooIn Other People's Skins Website

'I enjoyed stepping into something so known by all of us, yet so unknown. A ceremony that we take part in everyday - and a tribute to being human and united to all human beings'. Vasteras Cathedral February 2010

'It was fantastic. It made us laugh and smile'. Winchester Cathedral

'It was strange and cool and good'. Emma Blake, 7, Bristol Cathedral

'A new frontier in the world of art'. Wells Cathedral

"It was great to see your piece as it is supposed to be seen. Interactivity in the best sense: perhaps the only meaningful sense at this point in history." From a fellow artist on seeing In Other People's Skins for the first time.

IOPS was shown at the cathedral of St John the Divine in New York from Thursday 3rd June to Wednesday 3rd November 2010

During October 2010 IOPS was shown at the Salisbury Arts Centre and in December at the P3 Gallery opposite Madame Tussauds.

'A lovely moving feeling of the whole world'. Worcester Cathedral

'This truly brings all cultures together'. Gloucester Cathedral

'I don’t know what to say - it feels so special'. Southwark Cathedral

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In Other People's Skins has just finished an 8 week exhibiton at Vasteras Cathedral in Sweden where it's estimated tat around 10,000 people saw and took part in the work (February - April 2010).

The Making of In Other People's SkinsooVisitor CommentsooIn Other People's Skins Website

In its first tour of 6 cathedrals and Bath Abbey During 2008, numbers of visitors to those cathedrals during the 15 week tour were recorded at around 150,000. We estimate around 50,000 people were seated at the table during the 15 week tour.

In Other People's Skins then went on to an exhibition in Malta during 'lejl imdawwal' (the White Night). The arts Centre at St James Chevalier hosted the work and an amazing 5000 people came to sit at the table during the all night openin, (the work exhibited for another four weeks). In 2009 this work was then shown at Southwell Minster (30th March - 1st May 2009) and also at Fabricca del Vappore in Milan (2009).

This work will continue on to the Cathedral Church of St John the Divine in New York for three months beginning June 2010. The work will also display at the DIgtial Art Weeks Sympsium and exhibition in Xi'an, China in July 2010.

Negotiations are still underway for a showing at The Churches of Sant Ambrogoi, and Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan, the latter of which houses Leonardo da Vinci's Painting of the Last Supper in the Refectory there. In Other People's Skins is partially inspired by Leonardos work. There are also plans to show the work during the 2011 Bienalle in Venice. Please contact us if you wish to have this work for exhibition: email

EXHIBITIONS IN 2008: The Fieldgate Analogue to Digital ExhibitionWinchester, Worcester, Gloucester, Bristol, Wells, Southwark Cathedrals & Bath Abb8 Several exhibitions each at: The Wickham Theatre, Bristol, The Phoenix, Glastonbury,Individual shows at Saint James Cavalier, Malta, Invideo Festival Milan, Gallery 204, Rural Life Museum, Glastonbury Somerset


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