Mitch Gross lives and works in New York. Previously a Director of Photography with various features under his belt, he is now an Applications Specialist with Abel CIne Tech which has branches around the States and in particular, Hollywood. In answering my question 'What is an Applications Specialist' Mitch said he works to create solutions to new problems that have arisen due to innovative production processes and his role is to enable productions to achieve new goals. WIth High Definition that means anything from creating new data pathways through to originating new physical implements to house and move cameras. This interview took place on May 26th 2010. In this first part of the interview I was a little jet-lagged having just arrived in New York, so forgive my interview technique. Please go on to part two of the interview to hear some new ideas on the materiality of the digital and also where imaging equipment might go in the near future.

Mitch Gross Part 2