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Articles from DP's & Digital Imaging Technicians Cinematography & Data Imaging Articles, followed by academic articles and articles by artists - then articles I've written ONLINE RESOURCES DISCUSSING DIGITAL MOTION IMAGING A Verbatim History of Digital Cinematography
  Digital Light - a review of the state of Digital Cinematography Flaxton  
  High Definition and High Resolution Motion Imaging - Blog - 75000 words Flaxton  
  Sony Finally Wakes up to affordable 4k    
  David Mullen ASC on Exposure Courtesy of the Author  
  IBC paper on HDR, HFR and HR capture and display Dr Mark Price  
  Quantel's recent article: The Tipping Point from Film to Digital Courtesy of the Company  
  Throwing some light on Digital Cinematography - Steve Shaw, Light Illusion Courtesy of the Author*
  General articles on Cinematography - Art Adams DoP, San Fransico Courtesy of the Author  
  One DP's View, James Mathers, President and co-founder of the Digital Cinema Society, Los Angels Courtesy of the Author
  The ASC IIF/ACES Image System as explained by Mike Most Courtesy of the Author  
  Lens Testing - Steven Gladstone DoP, New York Courtesy of the Author  
  CML Gothenberg Comparison Tests - Alexa, Red MX, Canon7D Courtesy of the Author
  Understanding the Cameras Matrices - Art Adams Courtesy of the Author  
  IR Filters - Art Adams Courtesy of the Author
  How to expose the Red One - Ted Schilowitz Public Post*  
  The Colour Space Conundrum, Part One Public Post  
  The Colour Space Conundrum, Part Two Public Post  
  Camera Filters - Ira Tiffen, US Public Post  
  Camera Filters - Paul Wheeler DoP, UK Public Post  
  Comparison of Arri Alexa and Red MX - Gunleik Groven Courtesy of the Author and CML  
  Exposure Bracketing on the Red One - Gunleik Groven Courtesy of the Author and CML  
  Exposure for Digital Cinematography - a debate Courtesy of CML  
  Peter Jackson on 48 fps on The Hobbit Public Post  
  CCD's vs CMOS Public Post  
  Decoding Digital Imagers: Part 1- Christopher Probst Public Post  
  Brightside HDR Monitoring system explained Public Post  
  Ansel Adams Zone System Wikipedia Article  
  Grading with RedCineX Courtesy Red  
  RedCineXPro - Overlook Courtesy Red  
  A visit to Chater Cameras, Berkeley California, 10th May 2012 Flaxton  
  Latest Post Production Workflows (June 2012) Public Post  
  High Speed Camera Quality Comparison Public Post  
  Digital Cinema Pocket Guides - $15 Public Post  
  Ansel Adams Zone System explained (to some degree) Public Post  
  What is a DP's Style? -Art Adams Public Post  
  Glossary of Video and File terms Coutesy of Vanderquest  
Articles on the post-Digital Metaphysical HD - Steven Ball Courtesy of the Author  
by academics and Artists Making Space - Professor Sean Cubitt Courtesy of the Author  
  The Latent Image - Professor Sean Cubitt Courtesy of the Author  
  Notes on HD - Ed Atkins Courtesy of the Author  
  What is Digital Cinema ? Professor Lev Manovich Courtesy of the Author  
  The Language of New Media Professor Lev Manovich Courtesy of the Author  
  Win Wenders on 3D movie making Public Post  
  IMAX framing - Interesting posts from CML Courtesy CML  
  Some notes on the influence and interrelationship between Experimental Film & Artist’s Video Chris Meigh-Andrews Courtesy of the Author  
  Early Video Tapes: 1978-87 Chris Meigh-Andrews Courtesy of the Author  
  Pioneering Video Artist/Engineers & Electronic Imaging Technology: 1968-78 Chris Meigh-Andrews Courtesy of the Author  
  Without Thresholds: Contemporary Artist’s Video: Diversity of Form, Possibility and Potential Chris Meigh-Andrews Courtesy of the Author  
  In Darwin’s Garden Meigh-Andrews et al Courtesy of the Author  
  The Contemporary Landscape of Video-Activism in Britain Steve Presence    
  Maintaining a Critical Eye: The Political Avant-Garde on Channel 4 in the 1990's Steve Presence    
  The Social Construction of the Meaning of Price Sarah Sparke    
Articles by Terry Flaxton Latest Peer-reviewed article: HD Aesthetics    
  New understanding of the mimetic and the diegetic in the creation of art    
  Technical issues in contemporary workflows in Digital Cinematography (Non PR)    


The Concept of Colour Space seen from the Practitioners Standpoint    
  Time and Resolution, Experiments in High Definition Image Making    
  Lighting a Jacobean Tragedy under candlelight    
  Feeding the World, Creating an HD Installation to tour the world    
  Some Notes on the Theory and Practice of Innovation in Theatre, Film, Electronic Cinematography, Digital and Television Education Cinematographers Mailing List  
  The Technology, Aesthetics, Philosophy and Politics of High Definition Video ASC  
  All articles and papers are available at Academia.edu BSC  
  Electronic Cinematography

Digital Cinema Society

  Making Low Budgets work BBC Engineering  
  High Definition and High Resolution Imaging Blog  
Cinematography Knowledge Transfer Main site Art
  A verbatim History of High Definition Aesthetics and Technologies An online oral history  
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