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Online resources, interviews, text resources, workshops

  Cinematography & Data Imaging Articles - Articles from DP’s and DiT’s    
  A Verbatim History of Digital Cinematography - Online Video interviews with HD specialists    
  The Look From Capture to Display: Digital Cinema Aesthetics and Workflows    
  Online Video resouces  


  'Harlow' (1965) - the first electronically captured feature for cinema release, trailer    
  Articles on Digital Cinematography  

Digital Cinema Society

  The idea of digitality in a Post-Digital age - Online Resource: a series of academic presentations in association with the University of Westminster  

Cinematographers Mailing List

  International Encyclopedia of Cinematographers   ASC
  Digital Workflows PDF The Fellowship so far
  What Your Future Holds for You BBC Engineering
  Evaluation Forms for Workshops and Workflow PDF   IEC
  Jean Renoir on 'Technical Progress'   Immediate Initiatives
  Equipment from NAB 2011    
  Equipment from NAB 2012    
  An update on Digital Cinematography - Terry Flaxton, Senior Research Fellow, University of Bristol    
      'expose for the highlights and process for the shadows'

Contact email if you are interested in taking a workshop or surgery, So far, 14 workshops undertaken


Workshops and one to one surgeries

A day, crash-course, learning the RED ONE inside out, start to finish. A truly immersive technological torrent of theoretical and practical information - Strongly recommended to anyone with an interest in a future in digital cinematography. Ben Hoy-Slot, Film maker    
Text Resources  

University of Bristol

  Latest Peer-reviewed article: HD Aesthetics, Convergence Magazine Watershed
  Time and Resolution: Experiments in High Definition Image Making - Assessment of Prior Research   Creative England
  High Resolution and High Resolution Imaging - Blog   Anchor Collaboration
  Forthcoming: Understanding Digital Cinematography, an online primer   BBC Innovation Workshops
Surveys If you're working in Higher Education and are responsible for equipment - take the Survey of Digital Cinematography Equipment in Higher Educational Institutions    
  If you're working in a non-commercial organisation and are responsible for equipment - take the Survey of Digital Cinematography Equipment in non-commercial non-profit organisations    
  Evaluation Survey for the Look Symposium    
Details of the Fellowship so far

Workshops, Ongoing surgeries - email me A series of 4 symposia with Westminster University, December 2010, Digital Cinematography Symposium April 2011
Festival of Cinematography with Watershed Media Centre and South West Screen 2012
Public Exhibitions (Salisbury, P3 Westminster, Bath Museum of Work, Walcott reclamation, Bath, Glastonbury Abbey, Babbington House, Black Swan, Frome)
2 trips to centers of excellence for young film makers





  Between September 2010 and August 2012 Terry Flaxton relayed research knowledge gained during a 3 year AHRC Fellowship (2007 - 2010) which looked at the effects of increased resolution on audience and creators.    































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